It started as a bunch of sketches and ideas on David's harddrive that seemed to have something in common. They had a smell of trees and nature but still mysterous in some way and David realized they where about trolls, but he didn't see them, who where they? He played them for his friend Marja who instantly started telling stories about who they where, where they lived and how they felt.
With the sketches broken down to loops and sounds David went to his friend Torbjörn, and for each troll passed on what Marja had told him and together they went on a musical journey to meet these trolls. The result became this album.
the Trolls:
1. Troublesome and mischievous (Retsamma och busiga)
They come in gangs, the enoying trolls. They're sneaking in the barn and pinch the animals. They break things and disturb us in our everyday life. They love making trouble, and they're really good at it.

2. the Revolt of the teenage troll (Tonårstrollets revolt)
In a family of mountain trolls there is a teenager. One day he has enough, stands up and says 'stay here with your oatmeal but I won't' and leaves the cave. He comes down from the mountains and gets to see all the marvelous things, meadows and cows, cars and buildings, and he wonders why nobody told him about all of this.

3. Old troll mother (Gamla trollmor)
She's old and she doesn't have much time left, and she knows it. She's sitting alone and thinking about all the children she bore and fed, and wonders where they all are now and a giant tear falls on her homemade slippers.

4. Little trolls tiptoeing in a line (Småtroll trippar på led)
The little trolls tiptoes in the high grass in a long line. Silent and light, like a long dance that almost can't be heard.

5. Don't want to be big (Vill inte vara stor)
He's big, really big. Huge actually. But he doesn't want to be, he wants to run around like the little trolls. But he's stuck, like he's a part of the mountain. He's sad.

6. Grumpy in the cave (Buttergubben i grottan)
Deep inside the cave he is sitting, the grumpy one. He has forgotten how to shave and he has forgotten how to be polite. He's always listening if someone is coming, someone who's going to steal his treasure.

7. the Carefree (De bekymmerslösa)
Joyful they jump around, the child trolls. Not caring, not wondering, not worrying. Becouse what is there to worry about when all that exists is now.

8. the Fog lifts (Dimman lättar)
The fog lifts before our eyes and suddenly we can't see them anymore. Where they there at all, do they exist? Or where they only summoned by our fear of what we do not recognize?

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