Live Improvisation - David Engström, Björn J:son Lindh, Marja i Myom
En improviserad resa tillsammans med publiken och varandra.
Februari 2013
"Ur Vatten" - Live
Concert recorded in September of 2011.

Live painting - Marja i Myrom

Add. keys - Rasmus Andersson
Violin - Anna A Vass
Guitar - Max Näpel

First of five parts.
Household techno -
the Electric toothbrush

A short demonstration on how I made an entire techno track from a sample of my wife's electric toothbrush.

Find the finished track on Spotify.
Music, light and video -

New year's eve of 2011, town square of Arvika, Sweden. A cube was built on which video art was projected and the buildings surrounding shifted in colour and lights were dancing.

Battle of Axtorna

In the summer of 2011, the famous battle of Axtorna, originally fought in 1565, was reenacted and this was filmed and edited by Hampus Robertsson. Original score to this film by David Engström.