About me:

My name is David Engström and I am a musician, producer and teacher from Arvika, Sweden. I’m into music because it’s the most magical thing, a mystery and a need. How is it that the vibration of air can affect our emotions so powerful? I teach music because I love helping people express themselves and see their joy when making progress. I write and produce music because I just can’t help myself, my soul has to do it, and if other people enjoys what I do it’s a great bonus.
I've played the piano for longer than I can remember and I've been fascinated with strange sounds and electronic music for even longer. In my early teens I started making electronic music myself, at that time with a homemade Digital to Analog converter for the printer port of my mothers PC. I played in a number of bands in a varying genres and different instruments but synthesizers has always been the instrument closest to heart. At Ingesund college of music I studied piano, sound engineering, music theory and much more, and graduated in 2002 with a music teacher degree.
Music I make under my birthname is mostly thoughful electronica with influences from all kinds of other genres, and under the name D'stream I make house music, mostly in the subgenres deep and tech. But you never know what will come out.