Sampled Fender Rhodes

I believe the keyboard world has a lack of truthful and authentic Rhodes sounds. When you pick the Rhodes preset in most keyboards they sound too clean, sanitized, soft and without the "edge" of the real instrument, especially when hit hard, and the keys lack their individuality. They sound "too good" so to speak.
So, before I sold my Fender Rhodes Mk1 from 1972, I desided to sample it. Maybe I also did it for some sendimental reason so I would in some aspect still have it around. The piano is sampled all keys in multiple layers and I also put mics up so you can turn the acoustic sound of the instrument up and feel like you're sitting in front of it. Maybe not always the most useful feature but kind of fun!
So far I've made it an
Ableton Live Sampler instrument with:
- All keys sampled
- Three velocity layers
- Acoustic sound/noise/squeaks
- Key release bump
- Velocity adjust to match you keyboard
- Tone control, tried to match the one on the piano
- Ability to choose a bit cleaned up or the real sound of every rod, even the quite crappy ones

Download as Ableton 9 Live Pack
If your browser won't download, try right click and save link as

Maybe this isn't my final version, there may still be some fine adjustments to be done that I haven't noticed.

Just for the fun of it, I'm also considering setting it up for other hardware and software samplers, the Ensoniq ASR10 for example would be the next challenge for me.
If you're in to this kind of stuff yourself and want to make it for your Akai S2000, Korg triton, the EXS24 in Logic or whatever you're in to, you're most welcome!
Download the unprocessed wav files of the samples and use them as you wish!
Let me know if you setup a truthful rhodes on in any other sampling enviroment and I link to you from here.
Download a zip with the raw samples as wav

Have fun and may the Rhodes be with you always!
/ David

Remember, I just give this away and I can't offer any 24/7 support.
But if you're wondering about anything of course you can contact me by email or facebook.