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Recently I sold my Fender Rhodes Mk1 from 1972, but before I did I sampled it and made into an instrument in Ableton Live 9. If you're also an ableton user and want to try it, it's free to download HERE.
You can also download the raw wav files with samples if you want to recreate it in another enviroment yourself.

I've begun building some synthmodules for myself. We'll see where this will end, follow what's happening on Youtube.

A new collaboration has begun, David Engström together with poet Ismael Ataria.
A couple of shows has been done with this improvising duo and more will come in 2015.
Here's a little taste: (words in swedish, sorry)

Fractal artist Erika Bollinder has used my music in a couple of animation movies. Check them out, they are really cool!
Lost and found Island
Outview Odyssey

Out now!
Find it on Beatport, iTunes and Spotify.

Sad beyond words that today my dear friend Björn passed away into infinity. I will remember you with warmth in my heart until the day we hopefully meet again.
Click here for a glimpse of one of my strongest memories with him that has kept playing back in my head since I heard the news

She's on fire - D'stream remix
My dub/afro/ragga/club-remix of Don Velli's song She's on Fire has now got it's own video.
Find it on youtube HERE!

New music released!
'Faces of Love' is now released!
Thanks to all the beautiful musician friends of mine that will appear on the album: Björn J:son Lindh, Martin Hultén, Henrik Berg, Anna Andersson Vass, Jonny Lindström and Mazdak Khosravi.
Find it on: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon.

New music released!
'Under Pleasure'
incl a lovely remix from Fred White!

Find it on beatport
Find it on Spotify

Almost ten years since it were recorded in the studio of Björn J:son Lindh, the album 'Begynnelsen' is finally available on Spotify, iTunes and more!
-Open in Spotify-
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Some free tracks avilable for download, check under 'music' and see if you find anything to your liking!

Household Techno, the project where I make techno tracks out of single samples of household equipment is now out on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify:
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Doing some concerts together with Marja i Myrom, semi improvised performances of music and art over different themes from time to time. A video from an outdoors performance you'll find here.

A release called 'Foxy' by Moonbeam is released on Per-vurt records and on the release is also a D'stream remix since I ended up second place in a remix competition.
Find it on beatport here!

A release called 'the Sound of Arvika' is now available at iTunes and other digital stores and will be released in psysical form on May 12th with a day long party filled with music and art.
The release features one track by D'stream and the rest by other talented producers from the town of Arvika.

I made a little techno track where all the sounds are made from the same noise, my wife's electric toothbrush. Now Ableton has posted it on their blog since they must have thought it was neat that I used their program Ableton Live to do it.
The post on Ableton's site

A shortfilm about undergoing surgery was made for a local hospital by Hampus Robertsson and the soundtrack was made by me. Watch it here:

'Countdown to Eternity', a one hour long meditative, ambient track is available as a free download! The package also contains a simple cover as pdf for those of you who like to burn it to a CD.
Just print, cut, fold and glue. :)

A little video from new year's eve is available. It's not the most awesome quality, but it could give you a hint of what we did.
Watch it on youtube.

The concert at Olssons Brygga, Arvika in September,
can now be seen on youtube!
It's in five parts and this link will take you to the playlist.

Ur Vatten
Swedish meaning "from water", album released in 2011.
Follow this link to read more about it and listen to parts of it..
It's also available on iTunes, and most other sites, including Spotify.

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